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 Shanghai Jinghong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2006, is among the first few companies to provide customized services on antenna in China. We are equipped with worldleading research and development facilities and staffed by a team of top notch researchers in the industry who own many patents on antenna.

Jinghong is an emerging new high-tech company which incorporates research and development, production and sales of antenna for wireless communication purposes. We are proud of our full range of testing facilities, which include the Satimo microwave unreflected chamber made in France, far field test environment and various Aligent vector network analyzers, making a total of more than a dozen. The advanced manufacturing equipments, salt fog test, high-low temperature test and Rohs test enable Jinghong to turn out products that can meet the requirements from different certifications around the world.

Major Products:

I. Antenna 

① 400 MHz-13GHz Omni and directional antenna

② Products involve 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 5GHz and 7-13GHz Microwave antenna, including omni antenna, Panel 

antenna, Sector antenna, Grid parabolic antenna, Dish parabolic antenna, communication terminal antenna, etc.

③ 400MHz-13GHz broadband antenna, unipolar antenna, dual polarization antenna, MIMO antenna, left or right circularly polarized RFID antennas,etc.

④ 2.4 / 5GHz ceiling antenna, wall mount antenna, ODM or OEM we can.

II. Antenna Accessories, Passive components 

① Microstrip Power splitter, coupler and Cavity Coupler.

② Pigtails, connector, adapter,Waterproof RJ45. 

③ Radome for dish antenna.

④ lightning arrester.

Thanks to its strong technological innovation and excellent supporting resources as well as a pragmatic attitude in its service, Shanghai Jinghong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has gained a foothold among the mainstream suppliers of terminal antenna products for wireless communications, contributing to the common aspiration of the entire communication industry.



Honor & Certification

Patent of Circular Polarization RFID Antenna

Patent of Wideband Adjustable Beamwidth Sector Antenna

Patent of Dual Polarization Pannel Antenna

Patent of Wideband and Double Port Circular Polarization RFID Antenna

Patent of Wideband and Dual Polarization Sector Antenna

Patent of Dual Polarization Sector Antenna

CE Certificate



Government support

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Microwave Anechoic Chamber

Production Line


Antenna assemble

Antenna assemble

Antenna assemble

Antenna assemble






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